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Little Mountain Fire & Rescue


Little Mountain, SC


37 Volunteers


31 Square Miles

Little Mountain Fire & Rescue is a nonprofit organization that operates solely on the dedication and commitment of its volunteers. Our primary mission is to provide essential emergency services to the Little Mountain Community in Newberry County, SC, as well as the surrounding areas.

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Little Mountain Fire & Rescue is a non-profit organization that operates in the southeastern part of Newberry County, South Carolina. They offer fire suppression, first responder, and search and rescue services. Although Little Mountain Fire Department and Little Mountain Rescue are two separate organizations, they are both housed in the same building and work together as one during emergencies, fundraisers, and events. Most of their volunteers are members of both organizations.



Established in 1960, the Little Mountain Fire Department, also known as Station 6, is responsible for providing fire suppression services to the Little Mountain community and its surrounding areas. The department is entirely run by volunteers, with 37 members, 25 of whom are certified NFPA Firefighter 1 or 2. Additionally, many members have received advanced training in rope operations, wildland fire, hazmat, and pump operations. Station 6 is equipped with two Engines, a 3000-gallon tanker, a brush truck, a service truck, and a mobile cascade trailer.

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Established in 1981, Little Mountain Rescue Squad, also known as Station 18, is a team of around 30 members who offer first responder services during medical and rescue emergencies. All members are equipped with CPR, basic first aid, and auto extrication training, while some have advanced training as EMT-Basic, EMT-Advance, Paramedic, rope rescue certified, and advance auto extrication certified. Station 18 is equipped with an ambulance, a quick response rescue truck, a medium rescue, boat, UTV, and traffic control trailer.

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Little Mountain Fire & Rescue is responsible for an area of around 31 square miles, with 80% of it being rural and the remaining portion being suburban and industrial. This region includes eight miles of CSX-owned railroad tracks, twelve miles of Interstate 26, and eight miles of US Highway 76.


The industrial sector comprises International Paper, Georgia Pacific, Beal Lumber Company, Pleasure Craft Marine, and the businesses within the Mid-Carolina Industrial Park. Additionally, Little Mountain Elementary and Mid-Carolina Middle and High Schools fall under the department's jurisdiction. Little Mountain Fire & Rescue has also established mutual aid agreements with Lexington and Fairfield Counties. 


Volunteer Fire & Rescue Program

Being a volunteer with a South Carolina Volunteer fire and rescue department brings with it many benefits including a $3,000 state income tax deduction, health, life and disability insurance, LOSAP (Length of Service Award Program), education discounts, housing discounts, various merchandise and service discounts, and specialty license plate. But the real benefit? Having an amazing, unmatched positive impact on your community and making a difference every day.

Little Mountain Fire-Rescue meet twice a month.

A regular business meeting is held on the first Wednesday at 18:30 and a monthly training meeting is held on the third Thursday at 18:30.

Make Tax Deductible Online Donations  to Little Mountain Fire and Rescue Squad

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